Friday, August 6, 2010

BRAND NEW ME: The Skin White Teens Online Campaign


The campaign was supported with a lot of offline efforts - TVC, TV launching on a variety show, radio commercial and plugs, and an on-ground event.

Phase 2: Search for the Next Sam

Search for the Next Sam Audition Website (Phase 2)

Homepage invites girl teens to participate and have them create their own Start From White MTV.

They can sing along with the Music and Lyrics page.

And see themselves, together with the rest of the hopefuls, at the video gallery page.

How did we promote the phase 1 campaign?

The first phase of the campaign, which ran from March to April 2010, was supported with multiple online platforms.

Rich Media Ads

Standard Ad

Facebook Account

Twitter Account

Phase 1: Brand New Me

The (Phase 1) Site

Homepage - vote updates for the three celebrity guys are here. User can click to each guy to see their profiles and vote for them should they wish to.

There are also pages dedicated for mechanics and prizes.

To give life to the character of Sam, we created her a profile and a blog.

There is also a page where we posted the TVC and details about the product.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brand New Me: The Skin White Teens Online Campaign

While skin whitening is a big category in the Philippines, there is no brand for teens – an emerging important market with growing purchasing power and influence.  Efforts are concentrated only to adult and baby markets.

Objective is to define and own a lucrative and untapped market space – teen whitening.

TARGET MARKET: Broad C teens and their moms

She is no longer a child but not yet a lady. Everything about her is changing, the way she looks at friends, boys, and how she deals with her parents. She is conscious of her looks, which includes her skin complexion.

She would use her mom’s lotion but her mother believes lotion for adults may be too harsh for her sensitive skin.

But she and her mom believe that fairer skin is an element of beauty and a great source of confidence. Meanwhile, they settle for a baby lotion.

INSIGHT: While teens sometimes use it and moms condone it, it is accompanied by much guilt and secrecy as skin whitening products today are perceived to be for adults only.  This prevents them from using it as often as they’d want.

STRATEGY: Make teens feel that they’ve outgrown BABY Lotion.  Make SkinWhite Teens the ‘IT’ product specially made for their needs and aspirations in their new lifestage.
SkinWhite Teens was launched through a two-phased online activation via Drive to site include rich media display ads, online chat, and viral tactics in facebook and twitter.

The first phase was about voting for the leading man of Sam (SkinWhite girl), after she gets the lead role in the school musical.

The second phase was about the search for the next Sam, inviting teen girls to audition for the role via video uploads to the site.

After a month and over 100,000 hits, a whopping 145,000 votes were amassed with celebrity AJ Perez winning with 47% of the total votes. The girl who played Sam became famous and got to join a TV show.

Afterwards, the second phase of the campaign was launched with the search for the next Sam where girls were asked to audition on the website by singing Sam’s song “Start From White” while holding a SkinWhite Teens bottle.

In just over a month, a total of 226 audition videos were uploaded on the website with 171 more participating in the on-ground auditions, and thousands more voting for these videos. 
In the end, the winner got a VJ hosting stint in the local music TV channel and Php100,000 cash. 

The Skin White Teens Online-based Campaign has helped the brand achieve an off-take per piece increase of 207% during the campaign period of March-May 2010.

This is what the campaign would like to banner why it should win an award. Aside from the life changing effect to the characters and the numbers it was able to generate in terms of online stats, the campaign was able to deliver an evident increase in sales for the brand.